October update at añañau blog post

The ongoing global pandemic has continued to disrupt life in Peru, including the education and lifestyles of millions of children. However, with eternal optimism, and with donations from Intouch Global Foundation, the team at Añañau are hoping to provide a better future for children in the local area.

Here’s an update of what has been going on at Añañau in October.

​For Student’s Day, on 2nd October, the school organised a trip high into the mountains to discover the newly restored ruins of Raqayraqayniyuc. Here’s what was said about the trip: “After so much time we could finally go out again and enjoy a wonderful day together in group. This time during our annual trip, we hiked straight up from the project in San Jeronimo into the mountains at almost 4000m altitude to visit the archaeological site, and afterwards, we did some fun group games in a field nearby. 


“What an incredible view and beautiful ruins! The children learned so much about the remains of this great culture that has been flourishing here in the Andes and just in their own neighbourhood as well. The children could also relax and be themselves. We enjoyed the day so much together.”

Activities and class volunteers
Añañau has been supported by a couple of special people throughout October, with two international volunteers helping the project. Here’s what was said about them, “Gemma from Canada just graduated high school, and with a lot of enthusiasm and effort, she has been giving English classes to the children along with helping with their homework.
“Nathan from Belgium has had such a great connection with the children and the local team. He has been supporting with ICT activities and classes in strengthening basic computer skills. Nathan also helped us with the maintenance and installation of the recycled laptops that we had received as a donation from eSmart Recycling in September.
“Both have done so wonderfully and have been excited to contribute in a sustainable way to the project improving the lives of the children and families. And of course, they have been enjoying their time in Cusco and Peru 100%, as well!”

Technological additions to the school
Along with some new additions in personnel, the school will also see a few technological additions at Añañau. They were able to complete the purchase of a radio speaker, printer, projector and screen. However, due to the pandemic and current economic crises Peru is in, purchasing a laptop was not possible as prices have increased.
Instead, the school has decided to use that budget to better the maintenance of their existing laptops the team and children use. This way, they can ensure that everything is working well and children have access to all the equipment.

Outside of school life
The pandemic has brought untold disruption to school life for the students of Añañau. It has been almost two school years. A lot of these students started life as children at the start of the pandemic but are now adolescents and are facing new problems.
Añañau aims to help these students anyway that they can. They said, “As an educational organisation, we find it very important to take every responsibility in following up the children and their wellbeing.


“During the month of October, we have been organising different group activities and conversations with adolescents where important topics have been treated in a preventive way. Topics such as safe and respectful relations, values, the adequate use and the risks of the internet and social networks. Next to this, we have also been in close contact with their parents so that outside the project, the children are moving in safe spaces and under the supervision of their parents.”
If you would like to help Añañau better the lives of their students, please visit the Contact Us page to do so.