We are be Global

Caroline Yulin Wilson

Supporting families & young people

Successful multinational tech entrepreneur and founder of a property company with multiple innovative renovation and construction projects, Caroline Wilson has made a name for herself as a self-made entrepreneur, tech innovator and investor in philanthropy projects. Though she has had great success in business, her true passion and one of her proudest achievements to date, is creating Be Global Foundation (formally In Touch Global Foundation) which provides tailored guidance and financial assistance to local charities in the UK and across the globe.


We want to do more than just give out donations

​At BGF we want to do more than just give out donations. As a foundation that genuinely cares, we want to create a world where people have access to adequate education and health resources. Therefore, basing our principles on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the foundation has decided to focus on health, education, community and mental health to reach sustainability.

changing lives for a better tomorrow

Sharing resources, funds & tailored guidance

Be Global Foundation partners with independent charities globally. To us, it is more than writing a check, it is about the connection and sharing resources with those who need it most, without judgement. Our motto is to be real, be humble and to be kind while providing support to our overlooked charity partners and helping them maintain, and use the funds to the maximum benefit, through regular communication and visits. We encourage investors and corporations with a passion for actively seeing the difference they can make to these charities, to get in touch and have a chat with us.


We have the power to make independent decisions

As an independent foundation, we have the ability to make donations reach further, faster. With our easy, streamlined donation processes we can provide direct financial support to unique projects when they really need it.