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Corporate charity partnerships unite businesses and non-profits to achieve shared societal goals, leveraging resources and expertise for lasting, impactful change.

Supporting teams

Helping internal philanthropy departments

Supporting teams

We can help internal philanthropy teams deliver robust CSR strategies for their businesses

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Acting as an external philanthropy consultant

External support

Delivering complete audits of philanthropic efforts in a business, we transform CSR offerings across industries

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Employee engagement

79% of adults consider a company's values before applying for a role; philanthropy is crucial for the hiring process

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Team building

For the ultimate team building activity, we can help organise and manage philanthropic volunteering trips to boost team cohesion and morale.

Benefits of corporate philanthropy

Many studies highlight the benefits of corporate philanthropy, from increased
employee engagement and retention to boosted funding and investment opportunities.

Corporate philanthropy can also help boost brand awareness, customer retention and can fuel marketing activity, generating positive press coverage for businesses.

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additional revenue generated by companies who invest in social purpose

Project: Siya Children's Home & Activity Centre, Nepal

Siya Children’s Home
The first endeavour towards protection of fundamental child rights and social security to orphan and abandoned children is Siya Children Home, located in Janakpur, the capital city of the Madhesh Province in Nepal. They are a shelter home for the orphaned, underprivileged, and abandoned children, and women.  “We believe every child deserves a quality and memorable childhood and once they come to our shelter home, they are no more orphans, they become a family”. They assure shelter, food, clothes, education, health, empowered voices, and a sustainable future to the children in their care.

All Girls Activity Centre
Recently Manisha Shah, founder of Siya Children’s Home launched the Madhesh Empowerment Campaign. This second project is to facilitate girls in the 7th grade in Janapur, Nepal to achieve a better future by providing extra classes on maths, English, and science as well as extra curriculum subjects to broaden their horizons in order obtain life skills. Hearty meals and regular exercise are also provided 5 days a week.

"I truly believe that philanthropy and commerce
can work together."

Project: Calls Over Ridges, Nepal

Calls Over Ridges mission is to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to launch a diverse educational program that leads public schools and students to acquire quality education with a vision of creating a zero-illiteracy rate in Nepal.

Within 5 years, Calls Over Ridges launched more than 20 projects, and through that, they supported more than 6 thousand students and 226 teachers of 31 schools in two districts of Nepal Dolakha-Jiri municipality and Gorkha-Gorkha municipality.

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