Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a food bank? blog post

Lizzie Jones, our trusted Communications Executive at Intouch Global Foundation, has been on yet another recent mission to get a deeper understanding of what the local charities we support are all about. This time around, she spent a Thursday afternoon with Wyre Forest Food Bank. This food bank has been set up by Franche Community Church, a local church based in Kidderminster, West Midlands, and has a strong focus on creating a better, more comfortable, and loving space for its local community.
After arriving at the Bank, Lizzie acted as an extra helping hand to assist with delivering food to those that need it. This was a great opportunity for Lizzie to see the whole process that goes into putting together and delivering a box of food to those in and around Kidderminster.

Firstly, Franche is given a load of crates from Morrisons filled with food. This makes it easier to put all the essentials in one place and takes away the stress of having to find crates from another source.
Lizzie then went on to help with packing. She helped pack things like dried goods, tins and jars and put them into individual boxes for people. The next job was to pass the boxes onto the drivers, who would then go and distribute them around the neighbourhood.
People can get the boxes by being referred by the council. Sadly, as the weather gets colder, the demand for food boxes is creeping up, which is why places like the Franche Community Church and the things they provide are so important! The boxes are usually provided to people for 3 weeks with the idea that this will last people until universal credit comes through. However, the boxes can be provided for longer if needed and extras can be supplied on request (such as nappies or toiletries). All the boxes are organised and labelled so that people know how many boxes they have left.

One of the great things about working in a local community is that food banks will often support each other when needed. For example, if the food bank has a surplus of food, they will give it to a local street kitchen, and the kitchen will do the same in return!

Food boxes are all collected, packed and delivered entirely by hard-working volunteers. All food is donated either from supermarkets or the public, and unfortunately, with the demand for food boxes rising, it can be hard to make sure they have all have the items needed without volunteers having to reach into their own pocket. The support from Intouch Global Foundation means that the church has the food it needs. But it also means that there are enough things like vans to drive the food to people!
If you would like to support Franche Food Bank in any way, shape or form, message us via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we will get back to you with what you can do to help!