Kevin visits cambodia blog post

Kevin has just come back from visiting Cambodia for the first time! 

His experience of the country was insightful and inspiring and his time spent at the HSPCCO and Flame was beneficial in many ways for both IGF and the projects. 
The aim of his trip was to learn more about the HSPCCO and Flame and strengthen personal relationships between IGF and the people who operate both projects. 

Kevin’s experience with the HSPCCO involved many trips on the back of Samuth’s motorbike, travelling to the 5 schools the HSPCCO supports, visiting sponsored families in poor communities, and spending time with the teachers and children who are educated in the schools. Samuth Nygoen has single-handedly given years of his life to the development of communities in Cambodia, and his help is extensive. He has not only set up 5 NGO schools, but also offers dental treatment, financial support and food donations to poor income families. Samuth also aids police work and the monitoring of child trafficking, and supports local prisons and prisoners in need of guidance. You can read more about his story here: 

Of course Kevin also spent a long time with Flame charity; he visited the slums where Flame operate, the activity centers where young people are educated, and also offered teacher training sessions to Flame staff. 
Flame has a fantastic website, so please click here to learn more about the broad range of services they provide.