Igf work with teeth relief blog post

The diagram below is an excerpt from an Arabic translation of The Oral Health Manual, a project funded by Intouch Global Foundation in support of Teeth Relief.

Teeth Relief are a London-based organisation whose aim is to make knowledge of oral health a fundamental part of health education in low income communities and developing countries.

Since dental work is expensive and therefore inaccessible to so many, acting to prevent problems before they develop is a valuable investment and, in 2017, Teeth Relief created The Oral Health Manual to equip health works with a guide of basic dental health and practices. The guide contains useful teaching material, clearly explaining oral health practice in plain language.

This year, IGF funded an Arabic translation which has been distributed in Syria with the view of further-ranging distribution in future.  This has proven a significant and effective step in improving oral health and hygiene of thousands of displaced people who have limited access to even the most basic and routine healthcare.