Distribution of relief parcels in takeo province, cambodia blog post

Rapid spikes in cases of Covid-19 resulted in many parts of Phnom Penh being locked down, affecting around 300,000 people.
Schools were immediately closed, including Flame Cambodia activity centres. Residents in these “red zones” are prohibited from leaving their homes except for specific medical conditions. As a result, many have been unable to access food or medicine for several weeks.
In response, Intouch Global Foundation funded emergency relief parcels for the families of Flame pupils to ensure they had enough food to eat after weeks of lockdown resulted in dwindling supplies.
Last week, Flame organised the distribution of these relief parcels to families living in Takeo, a province located 45km outside of Phnom Penh. These small rural communities receive very little government assistance and are among the most deprived in the country.   
Local authorities met with Flame workers and identified those most in need. These recipients were given parcels consisting of a month’s supply of cooking oil, fish sauce, tinned fish, noodles, rice and sanitising products.