An update from the gambia blog post

The Nursery has been back open for over a month in the Jan Jan Bureh region of The Gambia. Lessons are well underway and, thanks to funding from outside sources, the physical development of the school continues.
As part of our monthly communication with JJB, the school sent us an update on what has been happening. They told us that, although power cuts are a regular occurrence in The Gambia, this time, the power was out for the most part of the week. They also told us that the lessons were going well and that meals continues to be cooked and enjoyed every day by the children.
From the weekly report, they also told us that the new toilets have almost finished being plastered. The masoner has moulded 1 bag of cement blocks to be used to make the Pre-Nursery door.
The work never stops at the nursery and we are pleased of the constant updates to infrastructure and development that are undergoing. For example, a new door has recently been added to a toilet at the school.