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A project that aims to support

Working with Book Aid International, Windle International Kenya (WIK), and Windle International Uganda, BGF fund the Solar Homework Club, a project that aims to support the provision of quality education by providing access to books and solar lamps in secondary schools in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, and Rhino Settlement Camp, Uganda. This has enabled the shipment of thousands of books comprising of text books, revision guides and teen fiction (all donated to Book Aid International by UK publishers), as well as solar lamps to be used by school teachers and students.

Teaching is challenging most of the times

There is no electricity for the refugee population across either camp, leaving students unable to study or do their homework at home. Teachers have unanimously agreed that lending the lamps to students is the best long-term solution. Schools own the lamps and students are provided with lamps on loan until they bring them back upon completion of their time at school. This allows the school to serve more students – and help others the following year. Teachers note that the lamps encourage school attendance among students and have a profound impact on their learning.
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