Bwindi Conservation for Generations Projects

Location: Uganda




Bwindi Microlending

This project focuses on helping to lend loans to help women in communities in Uganda. This helps to gain autonomy while also positively impacting their children and the opportunities available to them. When women gain financial security, they are more likely to invest money in their children’s education or medical expenses. Microfinance for women can also have positive impacts on entire communities. For instance, through the prioritization of education and the reduction of gender inequalities.

Library & Development Centre 

Empowering schools and communities in the sustainable gardening southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is one of only two remaining natural habitats of the endangered mountain gorillas which in turn provides a stable living for working women in the community. This project funded and built a development center with a well stocked library, art gallery and showroom. This will help the community that is having high rate of illiterate and less land as most of land has been bought by investors now hopes lies in educating the community.